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These are production photos from Into the Woods at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. I love what they did with modernizing and making the costumes more edgy and putting a twist on the characters. It seems like a lot of new productions of this show are having more modern versions of the costumes and sets. Loving it. 


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    When I saw this, the Witch was a mess. But the Baker’s Wife was HOLYFUCKBALLZ good
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    I’m really loving the Steampunk elements that are happening with some of these costumes. This really would have been a...
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    Fact: I reblogged this just for Cinderella’s family.
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    I love LRR’s luggage. And Cinderella’s stepfamily…dead.
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    this is too cool not to reblog :-p
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    LMAO, I saw this. It was, um, good. I guess. I definitely disagree with the overall interpretation and some of the...
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    I kinda love the concept behind this… a lot.
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    Hold on. HOLD ON! What is Hayden Tee doing in the US?! And in Atlanta, no less? (Is he married to an American?) Not that...
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